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Fox Business Host Says Lower Pay Helps Women Keep Their Jobs (Video)

Fox Business host Melissa Francis claimed yesterday that lower wages for women (compared to men) were actually helping females keep their jobs.

Earlier this week, President Obama asked the U.S. Senate to pass Paycheck Fairness Act, which Republicans blocked, reported

According to, during an appearance on Fox News' America's Newsroom, Francis said, "I would also point out that men lost jobs at two and a half times the rate as women in this last recession."

"I know plenty of families where the man is now out of work and the woman is the one who's working full time," added Francis. "Probably because she makes a little less, so she was able to keep her job."

But according to the Monthly Labor Review by the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Historically, the goods-producing industries—manufacturing, construction, and mining and logging—have accounted for the overwhelming majority of job losses.

...Men hold the overwhelming share of jobs in a group of goods-producing industries that are considerably more sensitive to changes in the business cycle, while women hold the majority of positions in the less cyclical service-proving industries.

Typically, as demand declines for goods such as automobiles, furniture, and new homes, employment in the related industries that supply those goods falls.

Additionally, goods-producing jobs are often outsourced overseas by U.S. corporations, noted The New York Times.

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