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Fourth Grader's Father Exposes Creationism Science Test on Reddit

The father of a fourth grader in North Carolina exposed his daughter’s creationism science test on Reddit, showing that the teacher rewarded her for wrong answers.

The science quiz is titled “Dinosaurs: Genesis and the Gospel.” Though the quiz comes from a “private religious school” in North Carolina, the father became extremely concerned after the test revealed her blatantly misguided education.

A true or false question states, “The earth is billions of years old,” to which the girl circled “false.” Another asks, “On what day did God make dinosaurs?” The girl answers, “6th.” Questions on the back page of the quiz become even more concerning, asking “Whom should we always trust?” and “What book is the ‘History Book of the Universe?’” The student answered, “GOD!!!” and “BIBLE!!!”

Finally, the quiz ends with this question, “The next time someone says the earth is billions (or millions) of years old, what can you say?” “Were you there,” the student answers. Her score? 100 percent.

The father tells Gawker that the school is good for reading, writing and math, but “not so much for science.” He plans to allow his daughter to finish out the school year, all the while being “vigilant” about her science lessons, and then expose the school’s name in June.

"She will not be attending the school next year," he concludes.

Though this quiz comes from a private religious school, it is alarming that young students have been exposed to such nonsense.

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Sources: Gawker, Reddit


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