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Former NBA Player Robert Swift Refuses to Leave His Foreclosed Home (Video)

Former NBA player Robert Swift, who earned $20 million during his six years with the Seattle Supersonics and Oklahoma Thunder, is refusing to leave his Seattle, Washington home, which went into foreclosure last summer and was sold two months ago (video below).

According to KOMO-TV, Swift purchased the house for $1.35 million in 2006, but now the garden is littered with empty beer cans and a sign attached to the front door reads "Danger Men Drinking."

The unidentified new owner bought the home in January for nearly half the original price, but hasn’t been able to move in or make repairs because Swift refuses to move out.

"it seems like a very sad story and I definitely feel for him," the new owner told KOMO-TV.

The new owner has filled a summons and now Swift has a week to respond, or he could be  evicted by force.

Swift was a number one draft pick for the Sonics in 2004. He played for Seattle, Oklahoma City, but suffered two serious knee injuries. He finished his career in Japan playing for the Tokyo Apache.

Source: KOMO-TV


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