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Former Friends Settle $1 Million Lottery Jackpot Dispute

Proving once again why you should just buy lottery tickets on your own, two former friends in Connecticut have settled a three-year dispute over a $1 million lottery jackpot.

The Connecticut Post reports Armando Martins and Nino (Nuno) Nascimento used to be great friends -- they would meet for lunch and play cards every day, and twice a week they would buy lottery tickets together.

"We agreed that Nuno would decide how many tickets he wanted to buy, and I would then give him one-half of the cash and Nuno would then buy the tickets," Martins said in a lawsuit. "We agreed that we would share any winnings on a 50-50 basis."

One day in February 2009 Martins said Nascimento asked him for money to buy Powerball tickets for that night's drawing.

"I gave Nuno $74, I didn't give him $75 because I did not have that exact amount on me," according to the lawsuit.

One of the tickets hit for a million bucks, only Nascimento didn't tell Martin about it.

But suddenly Nascimento had a whole bunch of money. Martins confronted him about it.

"I asked Nuno if he had won the lottery and he told me he had not won." Martins said in the lawsuit that Nascimento told him he had sold some property in his native Portugal.

Martins said Nascimento later admitted that he won some money in the lottery and offered Martins $375.

Instead Martins sued and last week they reached a settlement before a judge. Martins will get $630,000, while Nascimento gets $370,000.

Neither party would comment to the media about the settlement.


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