Florida Teacher Ashley Barker Faked Terminal Illness To Get Out of School for A Year

Usually the fake excuses to get out of going to school come from the kids. One Florida teacher, however, is now fighting to keep her job after nearly a year of ditching classes while claiming that she was suffering from a (non-existent) terminal illness.

Ashley Barker, a first grade teacher at Laurel Elementary School in Polk County, apparently decided to teach her students not math or spelling, but how to successfully con one's employers. She likely would have kept at her scheme even longer, except the school got suspicious and found out she had made the whole thing up.

According to the school, Barker took many days off and left earlier many other days due to her illness. Neither the school nor the district have released exactly how many days Barker was allowed off before everyone realized she was lying.

Now, the school has fired Barker for lying to get out of work, but she has hired a lawyer to fight her termination.

Barker reportedly admitted at one point that she lied about being at the doctor’s office and hospital on multiple occasions, and that she was not suffering from a terminal illness.

The lawsuit is due to go to a formal hearing soon. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Wopopular


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