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Florida Mom Jessica Beers Busted for Trying to Sell Son

A Florida mother is under arrest, accused of trying to sell her five-year-old son for a couple of thousand dollars.

According to a report from, 28-year old Jessica Marie Beers was struggling and a couple she met in church was helping her out. John Gardner said he and his wife gave her some money for food and often babysat the little boy.

But a few days ago, Beers allegedly offered to sell her son to the couple for $2,000. Gardner told police, and a meet to make the transaction was scheduled for Saturday.

Instead of the Gardners, detectives from the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office showed up. Beers allegedly admitted that she intended to sell the child, but she didn't say why.

John Gardner has a theory though -- he claims she is addicted to prescription drugs and needed the money.

Beers is being held without bail, charged with one count of a prohibited act -- the sale of parental rights. She is also charged with violating her parole on a 2008 felony grand theft auto charge.

The boy is with child services.


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