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Florida Grocery Store Manager Takes Down Shoplifter on Camera

One Florida grocery store worker isn’t afraid of confrontation and is ready to tackle any would-be thieves at a moment’s notice.

While filming an interview with a local television station about shoplifters plaguing his store, grocery store owner Lenin Ubiera-Cruz saw a shoplifter he had caught on security footage and—with the cameras still rolling — tackled the man right in front of his store.

On the video, Ubeira-Cruz was speaking with WFTV Orlando when all of a sudden he stops talking as a scant smile slides across his face.

"Just give me one second. This is the guy that stole the other day," Ubiera-Cruz said to the reporter as he takes off running towards the store entrance.

Ubeira-Cruz greeted the man with a "Hey papito, how you doing?" before accusing him of theft and putting him in a choke hold on the ground as the alleged thief tried to make a break for it.

"Tell my brother to call the police!" he yells from the ground at the camera crew.

While he’s waiting for his brother, Ubeira-Cruz tells the camera, “That's what I do to the other one.” Apparently, this isn’t his first take down. In their news segment, WFTV Orlando showed other footage of Ubeira-Cruz confronting other shoplifters, and even putting one in a full nelson hold.

Ubeira-Cruz and other store workers restrain the man, who is later identified as Lawrence Ratcliff, until the police arrive. According to Ubeira-Cruz, Ratcliff stole meat, eggs, beer and beans from the store in June.

Once the police arrived and reviewed the security footage, Ratcliff was formally arrested, fined $273 and spent five days in jail.

Sources: NY Daily News, WOAI News 


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