Firemen Strip Naked to Protest Government Spending Cuts

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In Mieres, Spain, eight firemen posed nude, on Thursday, to protest new public sector wage cuts and tax increases by the Spanish government.

The firefighters emerged from their fire station wearing just their black helmets and boots and lined up side-by-side against a wall with their backsides to the press.

A banner on the wall above them read: "With so many cuts we have been left naked."

Javier Piedra, one of the firefighters, said: "Eight firefighters who show their ass are worth more than a protest through the streets against the cuts."

Spain's two main labor unions, the UGT and the CCOO, have planned demonstrations by public sector workers in 80 cities and towns against government cuts.

Among the Spanish government's new steps cutting the Christmas bonus paid to civil servants, which is on top of another five percent pay cut in 2010, which was followed by a salary freeze.


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