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Female Students Get Tuition for Sex with Strangers on

A British website sets up young women for sex with strangers in exchange for college tuition, reports the Independent newspaper.

A female student can allgedly cover up to $24,000 in tuition fees each year, depending on ‘the level of intimacy’ she is willing to do.

The tuition money is given in exchange for two-hour sessions with men (sponsors) in hotel rooms or apartments up to four times per term. The site claims to have set up at least 1,400 students.

The Independent newspaper sent an undercover journalist to pose as a student for a meeting with a website staffer.

According to the conversation the reporter secretly filmed, the women are supposed to complete a questionnaire to describe what they are comfortable doing with strangers.

The staffer said: "The more you’re prepared to do, the more interest you’re going to get, [and] obviously the more sponsorship amount you’re going to get for that."

The website reportedly charges an access fee of $160 and extra 3 per cent commission of the scholarship money.

The website apparently operates in the gray area of British law, which allows clients and sex workers to be brought together, as long as the intermediary can deny involvement in sex for money deals.

The men use the website’s database to choose a student they want to "sponsor," and a meeting is arranged. They even get a tax deduction for the "scholarship."

The National Union of Students accused those behind the website of seeking to “capitalize on the poverty and financial hardship of women students.”

The website has since gone down, saying it is "undergoing maintenance."


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