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Experts Get Hired First - Become an Expert

With double digit unemployment, and a bleak forecast for much of a change you need to set yourself a part from the pack.  One great way is to become an expert.  Ok – maybe easier said then done but anyone can do it.

After you determine what you are the expert in, you need to brand yourself.  15 years ago I was a rookie in the recruiting/staffing world, but I began branding myself as The Employment Expert.  Sure, 15 years ago I was the only one referring to me as an expert with anything.  Over time as my reputation began to build, I eventually became The Employment Expert.

Next, you need to quantify your accomplishments.  Experts use numbers to back up their expertise.  In my case, I’ve personally hired over 1,000 people.  I started a staffing company that I helped grow to over $50M in annual revenue, and I’ve trained over 50,000 hiring managers how to hire winners, and not whiners.  Notice how I used numbers to quantify my accomplishments?  People relate to numbers so use them wherever you can.

Experts become authors of some sort.  The guy with the book (no matter how dumb he may be) is always referred to as the expert.  My first book was derived out of my desire to teach others what I knew, but it validated me as the expert in employment.  For the rest of my life I will be introduced as the guy that wrote that book.

You don’t however need to write a book to be an expert.  It's easy to start a blog, or write articles for many of the online article submission sites online.  Now here’s the catch – nobody has to read your articles for you to become an expert.  The key is when employers are searching for information about you online, they should be able to find your online footprint.  If you have exerted yourself as an expert, and you have written articles that can be found online – well then you must be an expert.  Your articles validate you as the expert you claim to be.

Last – and this is the most difficult for many…  Experts usually speak in public about their area of expertise.  I began speaking to any group that would listen to my lips flap 15 years ago.  I sought out groups that would listen to what I had to say.  I got better over time, and now I get requests to speak several times a week.  I know that if I ever had to look for another job it would be easy in my chosen profession because I am perceived as the authority in my field.  After all, I'm the guy with the book that spoke to the crowd - I must be the expert.

It doesn’t matter if you area of expertise is payroll tax in Alabama, asexual reproduction in snails, or computer punch card programming; anyone can become an expert in their chosen field.  Remember, the expert is almost always the one that gets hired first.  So go out and stake your claim on your area of expertise and you’ll become a successful expert – an expert with a job.

Michael C. Webb is The Employment Expert, Author of "Six Weeks to Multiple Job Offers", and a Partner in the executive search firm CFOs2GO.  Find Michael on LinkedIn:


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