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Executive Phil Morley Dresses Like Superman, Staff Not Amused (Video)

In Yorkshire, England, Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust chief executive Phil Morley recently appeared in a video (below) intended for his staff, but found its way on the web.

In the video, Morley is answering phones in his office, before turning into Superman and dancing throughout the hospital to promote "Workout at Work Day."

After he adds a white headband to his costume, Morley is joined by other employees who also dance.

Apparently, the video was meant to encourage employees to "keep themselves fit and healthy while at work."

But not everyone is impressed.

According to the Yorkshire Post, the employee who leaked the video said the sketch “insults 8,000 staff members by suggesting chair dancing and chair exercises are what are needed to improve morale and reduce stress.”

There were also other derogatory comments made by unidentified employees.

However, Morley defended the video: “The idea was to create something quirky and memorable to encourage staff to think about how they can keep themselves fit and healthy at work and I felt it was a worthwhile project to be involved with."

Source: Yorkshire Post


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