Elle Zober Selling House With Sign About Ex-Husband's Adultery

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In Portland, Oregon, Elle Zober, a mom of two, posted a 'for sale' sign on her home, using her ex-husband's adultery as a selling point.

Zober put the sign out in front of her three-bedroom home, on Friday, which reads: "Husband Left Us for a 22 Year Old... House For Sale by scorned, slightly bitter, newly single OWNER... Adulterers need not apply."

Her ex-husband reportedly had an affair with a college student. Zober found texts from the 22-year-old girl on her husband's cell phone. Several weeks later, the couple was divorced and their home was on the market for $189,940, reports the Daily Mail.

Zober told the Daily Mail:"It was initially my mom's idea. But I reworked her sign because it wasn't very nice. It was a little less PG."

She claims her cheating ex-husband is all for it: "I spoke to him about it and he was like it's hilarious, it's genius, I think it will make people stop and look at the house."

"Neither of us saw it as airing our dirty laundry. We saw it as a funny way help sell our home. It is not about revenge. What's done is done. He did what he did. We just want to sell our home. We've loved it we've taken care of it but this is the situation and that's why we're selling it."

Zober is getting offers for the house and invitations for dates.

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