Electrical Engineer Gary Galka Creates Device to Communicate with Dead Daughter

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Grief drives people to madness, but can it also drive people to creation?

Electrical engineer Gary Galka (pictured above) claims to have constructed a device capable of communicating with the dead. He says that this remarkable invention recorded the spirit of his eldest daughter Melissa telling him, “Hi Daddy. I love you.” Melissa Galka (pictured) passed away nearly eight years ago in a fatal car accident (pictured).

At the age of 17, Melissa ran her car into a tree on the side of the road on her way home from school. Gary and his family were obviously devastated by the untimely death. He says that he thinks about Melissa every waking hour.

“It's the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last the thing you think about when you go to bed...When you lose a child…it’s a terrible tragedy,” said Galka.

But soon after Melissa's death, Gary says his family began to experience strange occurrences.

“She started doing things like ringing the doorbell, changing TV channels, turning lights on and off. There were situations when my wife would start to make lunch with Heather and Jennifer and all of a sudden they’d feel someone come into the room.”

These supernatural experiences prompted Gary’s most ambitious engineering project to date: create a device capable of contacting the dead. It took the better part of a decade to complete, but Gary seems convinced of his communicator’s effectiveness.

See a full-length report on the Galka ghost communicator in the video below:

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