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Electric Car Salesman Paul Scott Spends $32,400 for Two Minutes with Obama

Paul Scott is paying $32,400 to pitch President Obama his ideas on electric cars at a private Democratic event next week.

Scott, who makes $50,000 yearly, wants to tell Obama about how to better support electric cars at a June 7 fundraiser in Santa Monica, California.

The federal government has already loaned millions to the hybrid car company Tesla, which paid back its loan nine years early.

Scott claims he has at least two minutes directly with Obama: "That was something I had to confirm before I wrote the check."

According toUSA Today, the $32,400 package that Scott purchased "includes an official photograph with President Obama" and promises that "President Obama will take your questions in a private, off-the-record conversation where you can discuss with him what you'd like."

"I am not going to sit quietly," said Scott, who is also the co-founder of advocacy group Plug In America, "I am not going to hope that I get to talk. If it's a free for all, I'll do what I can."

Scott wants Obama to push for a "carbon tax" that would raise prices on gas, making electric car prices more competitive. Such a bill would face massive opposition in Congress and from oil companies.

Scott plans to tell Obama that he should convince Congress to make electric-car rebates at the point of sale, not months later.

"I can sell more cars," added Scott, who sells electric vehicles. "I am getting hammered in the press with all the anti-EV stuff."

Source: USA Today


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