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Dumbest Lawsuit Ever? Man Sues over 75-Cent Newspaper

We have a new candidate to challenge the "my coffee was too hot" lawsuit as the dumbest one ever filed -- a California man is suing Hilton Hotels because he was charged 75-cents for a newspaper.

According to a report in The New York Times, Rodney Harmon spent a night at the Hilton Garden Inn Sonoma County Airport back in March when he noticed a copy of USA Today sitting outside his door as he was leaving -- a common practice at many hotels. Not an apparent fan of that particular newspaper, Harmon stepped over it and left it there.

A few days later Harmon was looking at the pouch that held his room key when he noticed it said that he would be charged for the newspaper -- a whopping 75-cents -- unless he specifically asked not to get one.

So Harmon took a rational approach and sued the hotel.

“Mr. Harmon and this law firm believe there is more at stake than 75 cents,” his attorney Kirk Mr. Wolden said. “It exemplifies the types of advantages that, unfortunately, we see companies taking of you and I and everyone else every day.”

He added, “We as individuals are expected to make an honest dollar.” Yes, just like personal injury lawyers.

The suit said the practice is deceitful as well as wasteful and damaging to the environment.

Hilton has not yet commented on the suit. Officials might be waiting until they stop laughing.


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