Dubai Police Show Off $450K Lamborghini Squad Car


There will be no ‘Lamborghini Mercy’ from the police force in Dubai.

In order to combat the high speed racers plaguing the highways in Dubai, the police force has recently purchased a $450,000 Lamborghini to use as a patrol car.

The new patrol car will be able to reach speeds of 220 miles per hour, which serves as a pretty blatant warning to anyone attempting to outrace the police during a high speed chase.

According to the New York Post, a staggering one in seven speeding tickets issued to speeders in Dubai clocks in at over 130 miles per hour. The police force has been trying to keep up with the speed racers with their stock of Chevrolets and Dodge Chargers.

“The car will be used in big tourist areas,” said Gen. Khamis Matter Al Muzaina, the deputy director of Dubai Police. “It shows how classy Dubai is.”

The police force may have gotten a boost on the classy meter, and perhaps also with street credibility, but the extravagant cost likely won’t be too pleasing for those living in the slums of Dubai’s growing pains. 

Sources: The Sun, New York Post


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