Dog Eats Five $100 Bills, Owner Reassembles Money

Wayne Klinkel successfully put together the shredded pieces of five $100 bills eaten by his golden retriever Sundance.

After completing this bizarre feat, the U.S. Treasury reimbursed the Helena, MT man with a $500 check.

Sundance, 12, ate the money in December of last year in the family car while his owner and wife were eating in a restaurant.

"I thought 'You dumb SOB. I couldn't believe he did that,'' Klinkel told the Daily Mail.

Aware that paper doesn't digest, Klinkel waited until Sundance defecated and then picked through the dog feces to find the bills.

"I pretty much recovered two fairly complete bills, and had some other pieces, but it wasn't nearly enough there to do anything with it," recalled Klinkel.

With some help from his family, Klinkel got more of the disgusting pieces, washed the bills, taped them back together and mailed them to the U.S. Treasury in April, noted the Independent Record.

According to a U.S. treasury spokesperson, if more than 51 percent of a bill exists then it is technically legal tender.

Klinkel, who received the $500 check earlier this week, says, "Sundance may have eaten my money, but what he took he gives back in unconditional love."

Sources: Independent Record and Daily Mail


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