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'Do You Have Strong Oral Skills?' Asks Sugar Daddy Website Billboard

While college students are having trouble finding jobs these days, a new Los Angeles billboard is offering them the type of employment that doesn't require an education.

The billboard features a picture of porn star Bree Olson and the caption: "Do you have strong oral skills? We have a job for you."

The outdoor ad includes "," which is a website that matches up young girls with Sugar Daddies.

These types of arrangements usually include trading money and gifts for sexual favors.

"After three months of hanging out by the beach and taking it easy, we want to remind female students they have other options in life besides just hard work,"'s marketing officer A.J. Perkins told LA Observed.

In a press release, claims the billboard is located near the UCLA campus, however, it's actually about three miles away from the college and much closer to several elementary schools.

Source: LA Observed


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