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DIY AK-47: Using Parts Purchased Online, It's Completely Legal and Untraceable

From weddings to baby showers to everyday household improvements, the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) trend has inspired individuals to create clever and unique projects, usually at a fraction of the cost.

So, what’s the newest DIY trend? AK-47s.

The popular military-grade weapon can be made entirely with pieces legally purchased online and assembled at home, as one Mother Jones reporter demonstrated.

Recently, news about a working, 3-D printable gun on the market was causing a stir after two U.K. journalists were able to smuggle the entirely plastic gun through security and onto a rush hour Eurostar train.

Now, the AK-47 can be another DIY project for those individuals looking to own a completely legal and untraceable deadly weapon.

The Mother Jones reporter who assembled the gun, Brian Schatz, went to a workshop of sorts to learn how to do it. There, the three guides almost jokingly asked the group if they were convicted felons, mentally unstable, or addicted to drugs. Then, without really caring for answers, they proceeded to help the group make their very own AK-47s which Schatz tested the next day by firing rounds into a Los Angeles canyon.

And though assault weapons are banned in California, Schatz’s is entirely legal if he keeps it for “personal use.”

Schatz contacted local law enforcement in Los Angeles, who all were unaware of these DIY groups, and so obviously have no means of monitoring whose hands these assault weapons get in to.

Watch Schatz’s video:

Sources: Huffington Post, Mother Jones


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