Sept. 15 Declared "Jobs Emergency" Day


On Sept. 15, workers, students and community and religious groups in dozens of cities across the country will revive one of the key demands of the 1963 “March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom” by calling for full and fair employment and demanding the government declare a national “jobs emergency.”

Protestors will demand that Congress pass the Local Jobs for America Act, which would save or create 1 million jobs, extend emergency Temporary Assistance to Needy Families subsidized jobs program, extend emergency unemployment compensation and pass a financial speculation tax that would rein in the more destabilizing aspects of Wall Street and generate $200 billion to $500 billion annually.

Jobs with Justice (JwJ) is the  main organizer of the protests. Activists are planning 120 very diverse actions across the country on Wednesday. You can join with JwJ and other activists to let our leaders know we will not be silent and that we demand good jobs now. You can see a complete list of actions and contacts by clicking here.

Some of the planned actions include mourning the Death of the Middle Class in Orlando, Fla., focusing on the state’s Republican Sen. George LeMieux, who has done little to advance the issue of job security or stop the skyrocketing rate of foreclosures.

In Chicago, activists will be visiting the local Republican headquarters to demand the end to obstructionism. In Dallas, activists will pack a city council meeting protesting proposed budget cuts. In San Francisco, residents will urge incumbent Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein to help the state put out the fire caused by its ravaged budget.

Writing at Huffington Post, Mary Bottari, quotes Erica Smiley, JwJ’s southern regional organizer, who says: “This is a litmus test issue. If Democrats come out strongly on jobs before the election, we will have their back.” Bottari, director of the Center for Media and Democracy’s Real Economy Project and editor of the www.BanksterUSA.org site, adds:

Left unsaid is that the reverse will also be true. This is a very real concern as poll after poll shows a clear lack of enthusiasm on the part of Democratic voters who feel that the red carpet was put out for Wall Street (now bouncing back with record profits and bonuses) while Main Street residents were kicked to the curb.

Read Bottari’s post, “Declare a Jobs  Emergency on September  15!” here.


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