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The Debate is Over: 97 Percent of Climatologists Agree Global Warming Is Real

It looks like Al Gore wasn’t making it up after all.

A new study has shown that over 97 percent of scientists agree that global warming is happening, and it’s our fault.

The study looked only at papers published by scientific journals in order to weed out political persuasion and found 12,000 papers about global warming. Of those, 4,000 papers discussed the causes of global warming. The researchers then read the papers and determined that 97.1 percent contend global warming does in fact exist and humans are the cause.

Then, to be thorough, the study researchers contacted the 8,500 authors of those studies asking them to self-rate and examine their paper, and respond if they agree with the findings. Around 1,200 authors responded (which is an excellent sample size in scientific research), and of those authors, 97.2 percent agree with the consensus.

Climate change has long been a tug-of-war issue between scientists and politicians, as many oil-funded politicians deny that a.) it exists and b.) humans are to blame. The fighting between the two groups, unfortunately, has slowed down the public's acceptance of the fact that global warming is real.

Other scientists, all three percent of them, may disagree and voice their disapproval in media, but this study shows there is no real controversy over global warming.

Sources: Slate, Huffington Post


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