Deadly Miami Drug Shoot Out Recorded By Alleged Suspect Gerardo Delgado's Surveillance System (Video)

The money one alleged drug dealer spent on a high-quality surveillance system will be used as evidence against him after it caught a deadly Miami drug bust on video.

The video, which was shown in court on Thursday, shows Gerardo Delgado getting into a parked BMW in his driveway. Seconds later, narcotics detectives swarm the house and apprehend Luis Estevanell, Delgado’s accomplice in the marijuana growing and distribution ring.

As detectives arrest Estevanell, Delgado emerges from the BMW with a pistol in his hand and starts shooting at the officers, who shoot back. After a brief shoot out, Delgado is killed and an officer is wounded.

"This shooting is one of a very unique scenario in which there is a video of extremely high quality. You rarely have anything like that," Ed Griffith, spokesperson for Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office told the Daily News.

Delgado shot at the officers at a close range; they, in turn, attempted to take cover while shooting back. Delgado was immediately hit and took cover behind a tree while still shooting, but was eventually hit in the head by a well-aimed bullet that soared through the tree’s branches. Detective John Saavedra was shot three times at close range by Delgado, but survived the shoot out.

Afterwards, the police searched the house and found 80 pounds of marijuana and the high-end security video system that recorded the whole incident.

Estevanell is now getting tried for charges of possession of cocaine, trafficking marijuana, and second-degree felony murder charges, according to the Miami Herald. Due to Estevanell’s involvement with Delgado, he can now be charged for causing Delgado’s death. 

Sources: Daily News, Miami Herald


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