Daughter of JPMorgan Chase CEO Trashes Flint, Michigan, Posts Her Party Pictures


Laura Dimon, the daughter of JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, recently trashed Flint, Mich., but made no mention of how corporate America has busted unions and outsourced the auto industry.

In the article that she recently wrote for PolicyMic.com, Laura claimed that Flint “drowns in the hell that has become of much of America’s Rust Belt.”

The title for the story was originally "This is America's Most Apocalyptic, Violent City — And You’ve Probably Never Heard Of It."

As part of her "proof," Laura's story included several pictures of poverty.

However, according to RawStory.com, a Google street map view of a street in Ramla, Israel matches one of the Flint pictures.

Another picture of Flint actually turned out to be Detroit and was switched out after being flagged by Deadline Detroit:

Dimon's piece about "Detroit's failing and forsaken neighbor 66 miles to the northwest" is largely a compilation of facts, figures and material published elsewhere -- what pre-digital journalists called "a clip job," referring to clippings from other publications and their paper's library.

After being slammed for her article, the 26 year old gave a bizarre thumbs up to Flint on Twitter:

Flint Fights Back piece is in serious consideration. Wow, what a vocal and proud city. Pride well-earned. Thanks to all for the responses.

While the pictures of Flint may not all match up, Laura is well-versed in uploading party pictures of her privileged family life.

TalkingPointsMemo.com notes that Laura has posted numerous pics on Facebook that show her family dancing, wearing silly masks, drinking and playing beer pong.

There's no pictures or mention by Laura of all the people that JPMorgan Chase foreclosed on or the bank's many questionable business practices that have been reported by Matt Tiabi for Rolling Stone.

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