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Dates, Job Offers, Jealousy in Surplus for Go-Daddy "Nerd Kiss" Actor Jesse Heiman

The infamous Super Bowl “nerd kiss” commercial for not only helped the business reach is biggest sale day ever on Monday, but also helped “nerd” Jesse Heiman become the most-desired nerd of all time.

The awkward and unbearably long kiss between Victoria’s Secret model Bar Refaeli and Hollywood “nerd” extra Jesse Heiman took an entire day to shoot.

Not that Heiman was complaining.

"All my dreams have come true," Heiman told the Daily News. "It was like kissing paradise. Like kissing God's hands."

On top of the day-long make out session, Heiman has said he’s received an endless amount of tweets and emails from guys who say they wish they were him and girls saying they wish they were Refaeli.

"I have girls run up to me and take pictures with me, tweet me for dates,” he told TMZ, also mentioning his career got quite the boost. "There are lots of inquiries coming in to my agent and manager, their phone has been ringing off the hook, but they are really letting me enjoy the moment right now.”

Heiman has been considered for a while now to be one of Hollywood’s most ubiquitous extras, appearing in 65 or so films and shows but all with little or no speaking parts.

The ad initially did not score well according to USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad Meter, but since the Super Bowl, it has become the most-talked about advertisement of the year.


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