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Credit Card Numbers Stolen from 10 Million Visa & Mastercard Customers

It's one of the largest incidents of data theft in U.S. history. Leading credit card companies Visa and Mastercard are reporting that as many as ten million users may have been affected by a recent cyber attack.

Millions of credit card holders' personal information was placed at risk when an online security breach allowed hackers to retrieve customer data from both companies. Officials are now investigating the incident after Visa and Mastercard reported the breach to U.S. banks, according to the Daily Mail.

Both global credit card companies are pointing the finger at third-party vendors and not their own internal security systems.

Mastercard issued the following statement regarding the breach: "MasterCard is currently investigating a potential account data compromise event of a U.S.-based entity and, as a result, we have alerted payment card issuers regarding certain MasterCard accounts that are potentially at risk. Law enforcement has been notified of this matter and the incident is currently the subject of an ongoing forensic review by an independent data security organization."

Visa also insists that its own, internal systems were not hacked and remain secure.

Their statement reads: "Visa Inc is aware of a potential data compromise incident at a third party entity affecting card account information from all major card brands. Visa has provided payment card issuers with the affected account numbers so they can take steps to protect consumers through independent fraud monitoring and, if needed, reissuing cards."

Both companies emphasized that no customer will be held responsible for any fraudulent charges resulting from the data theft.


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