Court Hearing in Oscar De la Hoya Sex Lawsuit


A woman who is suing retired boxer Oscar De la Hoya in connection with an alleged "deviant" drug-and-sex party appeared in court in New York City on Wednesday.

Angelica Marie Cecora is suing De la Hoya for $5 million, claiming emotional distress, imprisonment, assault and battery for the incident in a Manhattan hotel last March.

The New York Daily News writes that court papers provide the salacious details:

After drinks, dinner and some consensual intercourse, the married Golden Boy put on Cecora’s undies and ordered $200 worth of cocaine and $100 worth of pot delivered to his room, the suit says.

He requested an extreme sex act and Cecora obliged. She also had her roommate come over with sex toys, and she repeated the act, the papers allege.

Things went awry when Cecora and her pal went to sleep and De La Hoya allegedly tried to pull her out of bed three times to have sex again.

She “was afraid to leave the hotel room because she feared that the defendant would attempt to have sex with her against her will,” the suit says.

De la Hoya's lawyer asked the judge to toss the suit and sanction Cecora's lawyer for bringing a "frivolous" lawsuit. Cecora's attorney, Tom Evans, shot back that De la Hoya's actions were "deviant."

The judge did not make an immediate decision.

In addition to the cash, Cecora wants De la Hoya to tell her he is sorry.

"It would be nice to start with an apology,” she said outside of court after the hearing. “Oscar needs to acknowledge his mistakes. He knows he did something wrong.”

De la Hoya's attorney said the former champion has acknowledged having problems. He went to rehab last year because "his life was out of control."

"Mr. De La Hoya has made mistakes but he's changed his act,” Judd Burstein said. “(Cecora will) probably be the last one who can make such claims."


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