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Cookie Monster Character Arrested for Altercation with Toddler (Video)

Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez, dressed as Sesame Street's popular character Cookie Monster, was arrested on Sunday after he allegedly shoved 2-year-old Samay Katkar during a confrontation with the child's mom in New York City's Times Square (video below).

Quiroz-Lopez posed for a photo and then demanded the mother, Parmita Katkar, pay him $2,  reports theNew York Daily News.

When the Parmita Katkar refused, Quiroz-Lopez allegedly called her a "b*tch" and her 2-year-old son a "b*stard."

Quiroz-Lopez reportedly pushed Samay Katkar.

Parmita Katkar's husband called the police, who arrested Quiroz-Lopez, who was charged with assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

In Times Square, tourists can pose with characters and tip them, but the characters are not allowed to demand money.

This is not the first time that walk-around characters have gotten in trouble in New York City.

In December, a man dressed as Super Mario allegedly groped a woman in Times Square and  an Elmo was arrested in New York City's Central Park, in 2012, for yelling anti-Semitic rants through a megaphone.

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