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Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Kicked Out of Bilderberg Conference Hotel (Video)

The annual Bilderberg conference (a meeting of politicians, banks, billionaires, CEOs) began last week at the Grove hotel, a little north of Watford, England.

Security is so tight that the area around the hotel is basically on lockdown. Locals residents have to show their legal IDs to get to their homes.

For the first time in its 59 years, the Bilderberg conference is allowing limited access to journalists, bloggers and activists, notes The Guardian.

However, one of those bloggers, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, was recently kicked out of the Grove hotel after taking pictures and shooting video.

According to, Jones and his crew visited the Grove’s restaurant for dinner, but "within 15 minutes by Grove security staff who insisted they all leave. Jones insisted that he be allowed to pay the bill so as to protect against being set up as a thief, but security officials refused to provide any documentation."

The hotel security staff did not say why Jones and his cohorts were being kicked out, but the incident was recorded on video (below).

Last week, Jones' crew claimed that their hotel reservations at the Grove hotel had been canceled for reasons unknown (video below).

British authorities are using anti-terror laws, including a no-fly zone over the hotel, as part of security.

"There is no information regarding a terrorism threat," Watford Chief Inspector Nick Caveney told the Watford Observer. "However it must be recognized that there will be a number of high-profile people involved in going to this event and with previous terrorist events we have had not intel that something would happen."

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