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Company Selling 'Keep Calm And Rape A Lot' Shirts Forced To Close

Controversial T-shirt company, Solid Gold Bomb, was forced to close its doors for good last week.

The company, once one of the top T-shirt companies on Amazon, failed after customer complaints about inappropriate T-shirts proved too much to overcome.

According to CNN, solid Gold Bomb’s problems began when customers started complaining about offensive designs they saw on Amazon. The company sold shirts with words like “keep calm and rape a lot,” “keep calm and knife her” and “keep calm and hit her” printed on them.

The company immediately apologized for the shirts and blamed the offensive slogans on an automated program that places different words and phrases on shirts for display on Amazon.

"These 'Keep Calm' shirts were computer-generated and we didn't even know we had a shirt that says that ... as soon as we realized this, we immediately deleted them," the apology read. 

But the apologies were too little too late. The company’s demands quickly dropped from 400 to 100 orders a week. Amazon erased the company’s customer search history, and by doing so, hurt their chances of being one of the top choices displayed when a customer goes to Amazon to shop. The company was forced to fold when they ran into shipping problems earlier this month.

Owner Mike Fowler now estimates that he owes about $125,000 to his shipping and clothing partners. But the self-proclaimed entrepreneur is not giving up. As entrepreneurs do, he is already busy planning out his next business venture, which is expected to be another T-shirt company.

“I've got to do something," he said. "I've got three kids and my wife isn't employed. Hey, I'm an entrepreneur. I'm already on the hustle trying to build it again."

Sources: CNN, Huffington Post


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