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Comedian Bill Maher to Bank Roll Obama Super PAC

If you talk the talk you better be willing to walk the walk, and Bill Maher certainly does his fair share of talking. The political comedian and star of HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher finally let us all know just how much he is willing to pony up for his beliefs.

No fan of the current Republican field, the HBO talk show host announced during a comedy show that he had plans to donate $1 million to the Obama Super PAC, Priorities USA Action.

The show at which he made the big announcement was staged in San Jose, California, and billed as the first comedy show to be simulcast live on Yahoo!.

"My surprise tonight is I would like to tonight announce a donation to the Obama Super PAC - which has the very unfortunate tongue-twister name 'Priorities USA Action,'" an irreverent Maher told the sold out, bay area crowd. "I know, it was named by Borat. But tonight I would like to give that PAC one million dollars."

Maher issued a post-event tweet that indicated the big money announcement was a surprise, even to the event organizers from Yahoo!.

The tweet read: "Obama donation was a surprise to Yahoo too fyi!"

Maher's massive donation must come as a relief to the Obama camp, who has been struggling to steer Democratic donors toward their Super PAC. Priorities USA Action only raised a paltry $58,815.83 in January according to their FEC filings.


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