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Colorado Lawmakers Legally Avoid Radar Fines (Video)

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Colorado state senators and representatives are allowed to avoid photo radar tickets because license plates for lawmakers aren't specifically registered in state computers like normal plates.

Now, Denver police are trying to come up with alternative ways of enforcement, noted CBS Denver (video below).

Denver uses a photo radar ticketing program that sends out millions of dollars worth of tickets, but police cannot send citations to lawmakers whose cars carry the special plates because no one knows exactly who is driving the vehicles.

Police say that State Sen. Mike Johnston was photographed speeding six times in about a year, but three of his tickets went to Evonne Estis of Canon City, Colorado instead.

Johnston's legislative license plate reads the number "33," which is the district he represents. However, that number and was not in the state's DMV system.

Estis has a vanity plate on her SUV that reads "33," so she got three of Johnston's tickets.

When CBS Denver told Johnston what happened, he said: "I sent her a note when I apologized, saying if she gets any photo radar tickets, she should have them sent to me and I'll be happy to pay them for her."

Source: CBS Denver


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