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Christian Financial Guru Dave Ramsey Claims To Manage God's Wealth (Video)

Christian financial guru Dave Ramsey has sold millions of books, CDs and videos. He also hosts a radio show and gives seminars, all based on what he claims are Biblical guidelines for making money.

In 2011, reported that Ramsey owns a 13,307-square-foot home in Cool Springs, Tennessee, which the website estimated to be worth between $9 and $10 million.

Ramsey has recently come under criticism from some Christians, which he blamed on the "left fringe" on Fox News' "Fox & Friends" on March 19, noted (video below).

Ramsey complained there was a "war on success" in America by the "left fringe," whom he didn't identify, but claimed they were spreading "huge myths" about income inequality. has compiled a list of outrageous statements that Ramsey himself has spread about the Affordable Care Act, the president and the economy.

Later in the broadcast, the "Fox & Friends" co-hosts pointed out to Ramsey that he has been criticized by Christians.

In response, Ramsey said:

"There’s a toxic version of the left (that has) gotten involved in Christianity as well. It’s this idea that Christians can’t own anything or can’t manage anything. And we technically don’t own anything, those of us that are Christ followers. We technically manage it for God, and for his glory."

Ramsey didn't specifically identify the "left," but claimed they were committing a "form of heresy."

The Daily Beast reported last year that "nearly two dozen current and former employees" of Ramsey's company, Lampo Group, claimed that Ramsey tried to "identify and silence several critics — mostly former employees — who have appeared on Facebook and Twitter."

The Daily Beast reported that this behavior included: "online spying, gag orders, random firings, and offers of large cash bounties for information have created a climate of fear inside the Lampo headquarters, intensifying a discomfort many employees have felt the past several years with Ramsey’s management."

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Image Credit: Fox & Friends Screenshot


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