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Chicago May Fine Litterbugs $1500, Impound Their Cars

Penalties for littering could greatly increase if Chicago Alderman Howard Brookins has his way. Currently, the fine for littering in the Windy City is $50 to $100.

Brookins' new ordinance would increase fines for littering to $1,500 and impound a person's car if any trash is tossed from the vehicle.

However, the proposed ordinance still must be voted on by the Chicago City Council.

"We're sick and tired of it. They're throwing diapers, they're throwing McDonald's wrappers and all sorts of paper from fast food, condiments, outside the window. They are actually even throwing used condoms outside the window. It is bad, it is nasty, it's a public health concern and it's gotta stop," said Brookins. "I think it will absolutely be a deterrent."

Brookins was asked if cigarette butts would be included in his proposed law, reported

Brookins cited a part of his proposal that referred to "cigarette packages," but his bill also lists "any other type of rubbish, garbage, refuse matter, article."

Apparently, cigarette butts account for half of the trash that is found on the Illinois’ lake shoreline, claims the Lake Michigan Federation.



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