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Cesar Chavez Google Doodle Draws Criticism from Devout Easter Fans

Today’s Google Doodle featuring civil rights activist Cesar Chavez has raised some eyebrows across cyberspace, angering both devout Christians and those a little confused about their history.

The sketch irked quite a few conservatives who took to the internet to express their outrage. Users on Twitter slung around the word ‘atheists’ quite a few times, unhappy that the internet giant Google would choose to celebrate Cesar Chavez’s birthday rather than the Christian holiday of Easter, despite the fact that Google often chooses to forgo religious undertones in its sketches. In fact, Google has not featured an Easter Google Doodle since 2000, according to Google’s doodle finder search.

More ridiculous still, many Twitter users confused Cesar Chavez, the champion of laborers, civil rights activist, and founder of the National Farm Workers Association, with Hugo Chavez, the recently deceased Venezuelan dictator.

One of the many confused tweeters wrote, “Google can't celebrate Easter but can celebrate a dictator's birthday?! #political#agenda.”

March 31 was declared Cesar Chavez Day by President Obama in 2011, who, like many Latino groups, views Chavez as an inspirational leader and champion of minority workers. Evidently unbeknownst to many, Chavez was also a Catholic and celebrated Easter himself.

Chavez, who died in 1993, would have been 86 years old today.

Sources: PC Mag, Huffington Post


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