Casey Anthony Ordered to Pay $100,000 for Investigation


A judge in Florida on Thursday ordered Casey Anthony to pay $100,000 for the cost of investigating her daughter Caylee's disappearance and death.

That is less than the $500,000 that four state agencies were requesting, but still much more than Anthony's lawyers think she should pay.

"I think it is time (prosecutors) accept the fact that they lost this case," defense attorney Cheney Mason said in court earlier this month according to MSNBC.

He argued that the request had "nothing to do with justice," saying, "It has to do with outrage. It has to do with sour grapes."

He believes that Anthony should only have to repay costs related to the charge on which she was convicted, which was lying to investigators. She was acquitted of murder.

When Anthony reported Caylee missing in the summer of 2008, she lied and said a nanny had kidnapped the girl. Instead Caylee was already buried in the woods, which Anthony may or may not have known about. The defense claimed Caylee died of an accidental drowning and Casey's father disposed of the body. He vigorously denies this and there was no evidence presented to back up the claim.

Either way, she lied to police about the fictitious nanny.


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