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Car Thief Antoren Bell Arrested After Plan Was Foiled By Stick Shift Car

A would-be car thief was foiled in his attempts to carjack a Florida woman because he did not know how to drive a stick shift.

Escambia County Sheriff’s Office in Escambia County, Fla., posted to Facebook on Wednesday that they arrested 19-year-old Antoren “Chief Keef” Bell for attempting to carjack an unsuspecting woman on May 18.

According to the victim, she was driving around  when she saw three teenagers flagging her down for help. The teens initially said they needed a ride, but then Bell pulled out a gun and demanded she get out of the car, WEAR-TV reported.

Fortuntely, all did not go as planned because when Bell hopped in the driver’s seat he realized the car had a manual transmission. The teens then fled on foot, according to Raw Story, leaving the victim and her almost-stolen car unharmed.

Bell was arrested after he was picked out of a photo lineup on Friday. He has been charged with theft, robbery and criminal mischief and is now held on $400,000 bond. 

Sources: WEAR-TV, Raw Story


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