Capitol Hill Daily Attacks Obama for Wrecking Stock Market on Record-High Day

The Capitol Hill Daily, a right wing publication and website, sent out an email today that accused President Obama of “wreck[ing] the stock market” and warned readers to "prepare for disaster."

According to ThinkProgress.org, the email failed to mention that the stock market closed at an all-time record of 15,056 today.

Also not mentioned in the email was that the stock market was at 7,949 when President Obama was sworn in on January 20, 2009.

However, even though the stock market hit a new record, the Capitol Hill Daily is holding a poll on their email to impeach President Obama.

Numerous corporations have set new income highs under the Obama administration, including Exxon, which almost set a world record in 2012 with a massive earning of $44.9 billion, per CNN.

According to GlobalPost.com, corporate profits of the Fortune 500 hit a massive $820 billion in 2012.

JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo also posted record profits, reported HuffingtonPost.com.

Corporate profits do not mean a rise in wages for the working class, but Capitol Hill Daily made no mention of that disparity.

Sources: ThinkProgress.org, CNN, GlobalPost.com, HuffingtonPost.com, Capitol Hill Daily


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