Brothers Celebrate Lottery Win by Buying Drugs and Accidentally Blowing Up Their House

Two unidentified brothers recently won a $75,000 Kansas lottery prize, but accidentally blew up their house while celebrating with marijuana and meth in Wichita, Kansas.

One of the brothers was taken to the Via Christi Hospital, while the other brother was taken to jail after Friday's explosion.

According to The Wichita Eagle, the brothers emptied a couple large cans of butane lighter fluid in their home.

The butane vapor was ignited by the pilot light in the home's furnace, causing an explosion.

"[They] emptied a couple of big cans of butane lighter fluid during this, leaking butane into the air, Sgt. Bruce Watts told The Wichita Eagle. "The butane vapor cloud reach a pilot light in the furnace and as you might expect, kaboom."

The injured 27-year-old brother is in serious condition with second-degree burns on his hands, arms and chest. He was driven to the hospital by his girlfriend, who drove away after dropping him off.

When police arrived at the home, the other brother was arrested after telling police officers that he had meth and marijuana.

Source: The Wichita Eagle


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