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Bridget Wismer Arrested: Sold Baby for $15,000

A Delaware mother faces "dealing in children" charges after allegedly selling her newborn baby to a Philadelphia man for $15,000. He faces the same charges.

According to the New York Daily News, this all began when the grandmother of Bridget Wismer called police to say that Wismer was trying to "sell her newborn son to a homosexual couple for $15,000 because she did not want the child," court papers said.

She didn't sell the baby to any gay couple; rather, police say she sold the boy to a man named John Gavaghan. He is listed on the baby's birth certificate as the father, but police say he is not the dad.

"They didn't even have a relationship," Cpl. John Welgarz of the New Castle County Police told CBS 3 News. "They met through mutual friends."

Wismer, 33, denies selling her now month-old child.

"I didn't want to give my baby away," Wismer told the station. "(Gavaghan) told me he would help out. Whenever I needed something for the baby, I would call him. There was no organized thing."

The baby was found in the 54-year-old Gavaghan's home. The boy is said to be doing all right and is in foster care.

Wismer and Gavaghan were both released on bail.


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