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Bridge to Canada Opposed by Some Michigan Residents, Even Though It's Free

The Daily Show's correspondent Al Madrigal reported on how some Michigan residents oppose a new free bridge being offered by Canada to replace the 83-year-old Ambassador Bridge (video below).

Roy Norton, the Consul general of Canada, told the Daily Show: "The old bridge won't last forever and we don't know how long its going to last. Two million U.S. jobs depend on the trade that the bridge carries."

However, Michigan citizens expressed a lack of trust in Canadians. One Michigan resident worried about Canada delivering chinese steel and "Chinamen" to the U.S.

The Daily Show then showed TV ads for Prop. 6, which would have allowed Michigan citizens to veto the new bridge, back in November 2012.

The ads were paid for by billionaire Matty Moroun, who owns the old Ambassador Bridge and spent more than $33 million trying to convince voters to stop the new bridge, but failed.

However, many Michigan citizens apparently fell for Moroun's ads.


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