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Brazilian Man Bidding $105,000 to Take 'Real Doll's' Virginity

One lucky guy in Brazil has put up a very real bid of $105,000 for a real doll that apparently possesses a real virginity.

Even though this ‘Raul Espindola’ probably isn't a great guide for what is and isn't a smart financial expenditure, he thinks taking adoll’s virginity is worth a pretty penny.

His bid is for a doll named Valentina, from the Brazilian company Sexônico, which has claimed Valentina is Brazil’s “first real doll.” The company is promoting 'her' at what what could be the first of many unfortunate gatherings of the most pathetically lonely men on earth, otherwise known as the international convention of Real Dolls.

Sexônico is auctioning off Valentina, along with a romantic one night’s stay in a luxurious São Paulo hotel, complete with a bathtub and dinner.

According to Sexônico, the doll’s skin feels like real human skin when you dip her in a warm tub, which is probably exactly what Espindola looks for in his women.

Source: BetaBeat, Dlisted


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