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Brawl About Make Up Between 15-Year-Old Student and Math Teacher Caught On Video

A 15-year-old high school student in Stockton, Calif., was arrested after she got into an all-out brawl with her math teacher over some make-up.

The fight, caught on cell phone video at Cesar Chavez High School, occurred after the teacher confiscated 15-year-old Marlina Martinez’s make-up during class. Martinez then attempted to call her mom in front of her teacher, who then confiscated the cell phone.

From the video footage, it appears Martinez was getting threateningly close to the teacher, who then forcefully pushed Martinez away. The fight quickly escalated between the two as punches were thrown and both ended up brawling on the floor.

Following the incident, Martinez was arrested by school police for assaulting the teacher and is currently serving a five-day suspension.

Stockton Unified Schools spokeswoman Dianna Barth says that she cannot tell what exactly happened just by watching the video, and promises to investigate this matter further. The teacher was injured in the fight and is currently on paid leave. 

Sources: ABC, Yahoo


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