Boy Who Made Miracle Hockey Shot in Place of Twin Won't Get $50,000


The 11-year-old Minnesota boy who hit a miracle $50,000 hockey shot won't be getting the money because it was his twin brother who was supposed to take the shot.

On August 11 Nate Smith hit an 89-foot shot at a hockey game, sneaking the puck through a slot that was just wider than the puck itself. The problem was that it was his twin brother Nick who won the raffle to take the shot. Their father told officials the next day about the mix-up.

"We weren't trying to hide anything," Pat Smith told the Associated Press. "We just felt honesty was the best policy."

Now the New York Daily News reports that the company that insured the event said it will not pay the $50,000. Instead, it will donate $20,000 to youth hockey programs in the names of the boys.

Odds on Promotion president Mark Gilmartin said in a statement:

"We greatly respect the eventual honesty of the Smith family. Although we're unable to the pay the claim on Nate's incredible shot, we are confident our donation will help foster a positive environment for present and future youth hockey in Minnesota."

Pat Smith said Nick was outside with friends when it came time to take the shot, so he sent Nate instead.

"It didn't even dawn on me he (Nate) was going to make it," he said.

He also said his sons "understand" about not getting the $50,000.


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