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Boston Marathon Finisher Medals for Sale on eBay

After the tragic bombings at last year's Boston Marathon, there were several items from the event put up for sale on eBay. One finisher's medal sold for $1000.

When the sales were slammed as distasteful greed, some of the sellers were shamed into giving the money to charity, reported USA Today.

There was no bombing at this year's Boston Marathon, but people are trying to sell their 2014 finisher medals on eBay, notes Canadian Runner.

One finisher's medal on eBay is up to a bid of $370.

Other Boston Marathon items that were put on eBay include: a Sam Adams bottle opener and a Boston Marathon lanyard, which each participant was given.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that five runners in this year's race did not pay the entry fee, but photoshopped fake runner bibs to make it look as if they earned them.

The problem is all the bibs have the same number, which was discovered by the legitimate owner of the bib, Kara Bonneau.

Bonneau believes the bandits made fake copies of her bib via a photograph that she posted on Instagram.

Sources: Canadian Runner, Wall Street Journal, USA Today


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