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Boss Makes Women Wear Red Bracelet During Period

So you think your boss is a jerk? Well, he or she can't possibly measure up to one manager in Norway, who ordered all of his female employees to wear red bracelets when they have their periods to explain why they are going to the bathroom so often.

According to Britain's Daily Mail, this story was part of a report from a workers union looking into "tyrannical" toilet rules among Norwegian companies. The report claims businesses in Norway are becoming obsessed with all of the lost productivity from employees spending time in the bathroom.

The newspaper writes about other ridiculousness in the report:

It found 66 per cent of managers made staff ask them for an electronic key card to gain access to the toilets so they could monitor breaks.

Toilets in one in three companies were placed under video-surveillance, while other firms made staff sign a toilet 'visitors book', the report by the Parat union said.

The report is now in the hands of Norway's chief consumer ombudsman Bjorn Erik Thon.

"These are extreme cases of workplace monitoring, but they are real," Thon said. "Toilet Codes relating to menstrual cycles are clear violations of privacy and is very insulting to the people concerned."

He added, "'We receive many complaints about monitoring in the workplace, which is becoming a growing problem as it is so often being used for something other than what it was originally intended for."


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