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Bloomingdale’s Trying to Stop Women From Wearing Dress Once, Returning It

Bloomingdale’s department stores are using what the company calls a "b-tag" to prevent women from buying a dress, wearing it once and returning it for a refund; a practice that is called "wardrobing."

According to a 2012 survey by the National Retail Federation, a department store trade group, 65 percent of retailers claimed that customers returned used products and 97 percent of stores said they had unwittingly granted refunds on stolen goods.

The b-tag is a large plastic tag (pictured) that will be attached to any dress that costs $150 or more, notes

If the b-tag is removed from the dress' hemline, the customer cannot return the clothing for a refund.

Bloomingdale’s website is also using the b-tag and includes an online warning: "Please note that this dress will be delivered with a black b-tag attached, with instructions for removal included. If the B-tag is removed, the dress cannot be returned."

A spokesperson for Bloomingdale's told the Daily Mail that  b-tags "are in place to reinforce the fact that Bloomingdale’s will be unable to accept a return of merchandise that has been worn, washed, damaged, used and/or altered."

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