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Black Unemployment 20%; Serious Human Rights Issue

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High unemployment among African Americans is a human rights issue, a coalition of advocacy groups charge in a filing with the U.N. Human Rights Council last month.

As City Limits reports in its latest issue, black male unemployment is at 20.2 percent, more than twice that of white men. The groups charge that the United States has failed to live up to commitments it made under U.N. human rights agreements. Specifically, they claim the country’s anti-discrimination laws, provisions for pregnant women in the workplace and collecting bargaining rights fail to meet international standards.

The filing coincides with a periodic Human Rights Council review of the rights records of all member countries.

The group includes New York’s Urban Justice Center, the National Employment Law Project (NELP), as well as the Atlanta-North Georgia Labor Council and District of Columbia Professional Taxicab Drivers Association.

Check out the entire City Limits article here.


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