Bank Robbing Stripper Lee Grace Dougherty Gets 24 Years in Prison

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A Colorado court threw the book at an ex-stripper and member of the notorious three-person Dougherty bank robbing gang this week, just hours after slapping her brother with a 32-year sentence. Lee Grace Dougherty (right below), 29, was sentenced to 24 years in prison out of a possible 29.

Dougherty pled guilty to attempted first-degree assault and felony menacing in connection with her gang’s criminal activity, but the plea didn’t buy her much leniency. In exchange for Dougherty’s cooperation, the prosecution agreed to drop the original attempted murder charge, but the judge still managed to hit her with stiff penalties on the remaining counts.

Lee Grace and her brothers Dylan (center) and Ryan (left) were the targets of a nationwide manhunt last summer after the gang robbed a Georgia bank and managed to evade police. Law enforcement eventually caught up with the trio in Colorado Springs, Colorado, after a high-speed freeway firefight.

All three convicts are facing extradition to Georgia where they will have to answer for their bank robbing charges.

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