Band Makes $20,000 Off Spotify With Silent Album (Video)

The Los Angeles-based band Vulfpeck recently recorded "Sleepify," a completely silent album, and posted it on the website Spotify.

Vulfpeck's keyboardist Jack Stratton asked their 1,000 fans to repeatedly stream the silent album overnight on Spotify as they slept (video below).

Because Spotify pays $.007 per stream and the band's fans are loyal, Vulfpeck raked in $20,000 over several nights to fund their upcoming tour, in which every show would be free, noted PasteMagazine.com.

Each fan made about $3 a night for the band, but eventually Spotify figured out the scheme.

"It's a clever stunt, but we prefer Vulfpeck's earlier albums," Spotify spokesman Graham James told Billboard. "Sleepify seems derivative of John Cage's work."

Spotify made Vulfpeck remove the album because it violated their terms and conditions.

Vulfpeck hasn't gotten their massive Spotify check yet, but Stratton told Vice.com, "My guess is we will. Spotify pays two months after the listen. So we'll know in May sometime."

Sources: PasteMagazine.com, Billboard, Vice.com


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