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Banana Republic Sends Customers Confidential Employee Information Instead of Order

In a dangerous mix-up, two Banana Republic customers received former Gap employees’ social security, tax and salary information instead of the tie and pocket square they ordered.

Emily Dreyfuss, daughter of actor Richard Dreyfuss, said her fiancé ordered the tie and pocket square for their upcoming wedding. When the package arrived, however, it was labeled “Gap, Inc.” instead of “Banana Republic,” and was much heavier than they were expecting.

When they opened up the package on Thursday, they were surprised to find 20 confidential employee files of former Gap workers. The folders, sealed with tape and labeled “HR Administration,” contained the former employees’ W2s, social security numbers, salary information, hand-written resignation letters and other company records.

According to Dreyfuss, the resignation letters were positive and polite and all dated from March. She said she skimmed through only some of the information before calling Gap to inform them of their mistake.

"I got a queasy feeling and felt like I should stop looking at this," she said.

On Friday, Edie Kissko, a spokesperson for Gap, said the company will be releasing a statement. According to Dreyfuss, a Banana Republic representative responded to a tweet about the mix up, calling it a “horrible mistake.” He also explained that the confidential employee information and clothing are sent out in similar-looking packages, and one must have been mislabeled.

The company then offered Dreyfuss and her fiancé a free tie and pocket square, but she said she refused the offer.

Sources: Fox News, CBS


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